This was going to be a page of my behind the scenes takeaways from hiking.  I was going to chronicle my obvious bad-assyness 46 high peaks and also my smaller yet beautiful Adirondack conquests.  I imagine that here you will find some of that.  You will read about my mountain trips and the lessons on life each mountain has taught me.  I imagine that here you will also hear about my entire life as it is now- ever changing and evolving.  Who I was on September 10th of this year is not even close to the same person as I am here in December.  I also imagine that you will find all sorts of my personal expression here through writings, photography and art that I create.

I want to share all the bullshit that I have walked through in hopes that maybe there will be someone that can find hope in this often dark world.

I swear a lot, if that offends you- do not continue to read.  It is my way of expressing myself and I will not censor myself to make anyone feel more at ease.

I do not follow one specific belief as in one that would require myself to be labeled.  I rep Jesus and follow his teachings but  often you will often find me sitting in a Buddhist shrine chanting and praying with monks.

I believe that serving others is not just a really cool suggestion but a way of life that I continually strive towards.

Love is my only absolute truth.

Gratitude and peace are my jam.

I meditate, listen to rap, rally at Phish shows, crochet, bake the baddest cookies in the county, shoot guns, hike, photograph cool shit, and raise five of the most amazing humans I know.  I am kind of a big deal.

As I am sure you can tell, I also am a wise ass.

Thanks for being here and I hope that I can offer you some great tools and resources that enhance the quality of your life.  Or ya know, make you laugh until you spit your coffee out.

Speaking of coffee, feel free to buy me a cup.  ❤

Choose love and be peace,





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